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Dirt is the number one cause of breakdowns in air conditioning and heating systems. The first line of defense against dirt is the air filter. It’s designed to trap dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, pollen, fungal spores, and more.

However, filters quickly get clogged with all these contaminants impeding their ability to filter the air. A dirty filter also restricts air flow, “choking” your system and making it work harder. This puts stress on its components, increases the probability of a breakdown, and skyrockets your utility bills.

Not to mention, the air you and your family breathes is no longer being properly filtered, causing potential health problems. In fact, a study done by the EPA found indoor air quality up to five times as polluted as outdoor air.

Protect your family… Protect your HVAC system. Use my Friendly Filter Delivery service. You’ll receive professional grade filters delivered straight to your door, as well as reminders for when to replace and when to re-order.

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Filter Frank

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